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How to Attract Top Talent

  • Struggling to write the perfect job advert to attract the top talent you want?
  • Not getting enough candidates or good quality candidates?

Let us help you separate your company from the 1000’s of others trying to attract those same people.

Some of the most common problems when recruiting is that you don’t get enough candidates apply, too often not enough quality candidates apply, or in some cases you have too many apply and it takes forever to sift through all the applications that are nowhere near aligned what you are looking for.

Typically job adverts are written by a range of hiring managers and they list the duties and responsibilities required but rarely do the adverts succeed in ENGAGING the candidate. Once you have written your job advert and it is posted on all online channels you are automatically competing with hundreds if not thousands of other companies wanting only the very best talent, so how do you stand out from the crowd?

You need to TARGET your advert to ATTRACT the type of candidates you want, sounds simple, and it is achievable if you craft your advert in a way that RESONATES with your ideal candidate.

My clients who use the Predictive Index Job Assessment Tool can craft a targeted job advert using certain words that will speak to the ideal candidate, it will engage them, excite them and feel like it is written for them, hence they will apply.  The enhanced posting engages the candidate emotionally connecting with them on a natural plane.

If the candidate reading the advert has similar drives and needs as the position, there is a natural connection or “fit”. They say “that’s me” or “that job would be perfect for me” regardless of the duties and responsibilities. Just as importantly they may say “That’s not me” and they move on.

Companies using the PI Job Assessment to help them craft their posting and job descriptions find:

  • They fill their hiring funnel with candidates based on natural fit for the position
  • Avoid candidates who don’t fit
  • Time to hire is reduced because they are reviewing fewer, but more engaged candidates that fit from the start
  • Interview more effectively
  • Hire people who can do the job right

Using The Predictive Index and the Job Assessment tool, employers now have a way to make sure they are not just hiring people, but are hiring the RIGHT people.

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