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How to Attract Top Talent

Struggling to write the perfect job advert to attract the top talent you want? Not getting enough candidates or good quality candidates? Let us help you separate your company from the 1000’s of others trying to attract those same people. Some of the most common problems when recruiting is that you don’t get enough candidates […]

Top Trends 2017 – Human Capital

Leaders of the most successful companies always say that they consider their employees their biggest asset, but not only do they say it they talk their walk and actually back it up with real actions. The most successful companies stay on top of the latest techniques to identify talent, they develop their people and they […]

EQ, IQ and Attitude – The Three Magic Ingredients

Article originally published in In-Procurement Magazine (UK), December 2016 Have you ever wondered why some people seem to have an unlimited amount of success in both their personal and professional lives and even more than that everyone seems to “like” them!? Could it be that the X factor really does exist or is it that […]